Before performing an Ekotrope Analysis and syncing data from Ekotrope into HRT you will need to setup your rating company in HRT to connect to your Ekotrope Environment. To do so, navigate to your rating company page. This can be done by clicking your name in the top right of HouseRater, and clicking "Account" or by using the side nav bar and Clicking "Organizations -> Rating Company" and selecting you account from there.

Once on the rating company page click the dropdown next to "Edit Details" and select "Manage API keys". This will take you to the API page for your rating company.

On the API Page you should see a section titled "Ekotrope Credentials". In that section you are asked to give HRT a username and password that has access to your Ekotrope Environment. You can use any account; however, we recommend creating an account that will only be used for HRT's API with Ekotrope. After typing in your username, click "Change Password". This will first ask you for your HRT password to confirm you are who you are, and then will allow you to type in the Ekotrope account's password (Note: Passwords stored in HRT will be encrypted and secured). After that is done, click the save button next to Ekotrope Credentials, and your Rating Company will be officially setup to perfrom Ekotrope Analysis'.

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