Managing Users in Your Organization

Rating Company Administrators manage access to HouseRater for their company

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HouseRater gives your company the tools to manage access to HouseRater without slowing you down on developer or incentive program approval. You can also control the functionality of HouseRater for your staff using numerous roles and access permissions for user accounts. You can learn more about HouseRater roles at User Roles & Permissions.

Updating Your User Profile

You can always update your password and contact information from your personal Profile page. Keeping your email up-to-date will help if you need to reset your HouseRater password.

To access your profile page, click your name in the top right corner of HouseRater, and select "Profile" from the menu. Your profile page will show different information based on what your Rating Company gives you access to manage. You will always be able to update your password and contact information on this page, regardless of what your organization controls.

Adding a New HouseRater User

Rating Company Administrators are able to manage users for the entire rating company in HouseRater. If you see the "Users" page in the app sidebar under Organizations, that means you have permission to manage who has access to HouseRater.

You should see an "Add New User" button in the top right corner of this page. From here, you'll be able to enter name and contact information for your new user. This person will be able to change some of this information after they sign into HouseRater. When adding users, you can refer to User Roles & Permissions for information about the roles that the HouseRater system supports.

Updating Other User's Information

Note: Changing your own role is never allowed in HouseRater, but you can change the role of other members of your organization.

When a user leaves your organization, or their information needs to be updated, the "Users" page in HouseRater allows you to search for members in your organization and edit their profile. Deactivated users are visible by checking the "Show deactivated users" button at the top of this page, or by searching the user's name or email address.

Deactivating User Accounts

When an employee leaves your organization, you can remove their access to HouseRater by deactivating their account. Deactivating a user retains historical information in system exports and audit trails, but prevents them from signing into the system to make changes after they've left your organization.

You'll need to confirm the deactivation on the User's profile page with a short confirmation message, and then the profile will be deactivated immediately. You can also reactivate this user by returning to their profile from the Users list.

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