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User Roles & Permissions

HouseRater supports various access levels for your staff

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One of the greatest features of HouseRater are the different access levels for staff at your company. You can invite your office personnel without troublesome developer approval or access request forms—users can be managed right from the HouseRater Web app.

Rating Company Roles

Rating Company Administrator

The Rating Company Administrator role is the highest level of access for your company. Notably, this user is able to add and deactivate other HouseRater users at the company, and update billing info. This user can also manage utility companies, pictured items, programs and builders for the system.

Rating Manager

The Rating Manager role is still has large access to the company, getting all the same access of Rating Company Administrators except the ability to add and deactivate users or manage billing info. We'd recommend this role for all non-owner staff at small rating companies (less than five employees).

Rating Scheduler

The Rating Scheduler user is able to create houses, communities, utilities, and builders, however, scheduling users are not able to manage overall company datasets, like pictured items or programs.


The Rater role allows energy modeling staff to look up houses and site visits in the app through the fast omnibar search, but they don't get access to managing communities or builders, and they don't have the scheduling pages for rearranging RFI's schedule. Raters can still make changes to Builder Plans, but no other company documents.


Rating Field Inspectors are the lowest permission-level users in HouseRater, and they don't have the ability to update any overall company datasets, and they also can't make most changes to houses. They can complete site visit forms, and update certain fields on the house that are related to field data.

Managing User Roles

You can change a user's role at any time, however changing your own role is never supported—this is to prevent you from accidentally getting locked out of your rating company's management tools. If a Rating Company Administrator is leaving your organization, you can have another admin deactivate their account, or change their role.

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