Sending Reports to Builders

HouseRater tracks contacts for your builders for sending Reports

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Once a Report has been generated on HouseRater you can quickly and easily send it to your contacts with builder, and anyone else you desire, with just the click of a button.

Setup Email Defaults

Report Recipients are how you store your contacts with Building Companies, like Job Supervisors or other Building Company employees. Creating Report Recipients allows you to save their contact information and quickly select them when sending out reports.

Begin by creating Report Recipients for each Builder on their Builder Contract page. The Name and Email fields are required for sending reports, while Phone and Job Type are to help you keep track of your contact information with Building Companies.
All Report Recipients added to the Builder Contract will then be selectable as Additional Recipients when sending a report.
Report Recipients can be added to Housing Communities. When sending a report from a house with a community set, it will automatically select the Report Recipients that are on that Community.

Setting up your Email Template

Navigate to Organizations -> Rating Company and select your Rating Company. Then click the arrow button next to Save and select Edit Email Template.
Or in the Email Modal, press Edit Email Template in the bottom left.

Here you are able to edit your default reply-to email. It can be your personal email, or an email shared by multiple employees (i.e. Each of the reports will be sent from, but all replies will be sent to your reply-to email.
You can also edit your default Footer which will be added to the bottom of every email sent from HouseRater. You can write anything here, like a Confidentiality Notice.


Send Report from HouseRater

After generating a report, you can press the Paper Airplane icon to open the email modal, which has 3 tabs.


Here you can edit the details about the email. The reply-to and footer will be defaulted to what you set them as in your Email Template. The subject and body of the email will be auto-filled with our generic message, which you can edit it before sending the email.


Here you select the files attached to the email. The file you pressed the paper airplane on will automatically be selected as an attachment. Any other files/reports uploaded to the house can also be added to the email.


Here you can choose who will receive the email. You can add/remove report recipients (created on the Builder Contract). The recipients will default to the Report Recipients set on the Community. You can also write in any additional names and emails you would like.
Note: All Recipients will be cc'd in the same email.


View Email History

After sending the email, the airplane button will change to a ... button. Now you have the option to View History, which will show you everyone who you have sent the report to and whether or not the delivery of the email was successful.

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