Types of Site Inspection Forms

HouseRater tracks data at various phases of homebuilding

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When a house gets built, there are three distinct phases we see, where different data points can get collected. HouseRater uses SV1, SV2 and SV3 forms to re-organize the inputs to make the most sense during field inspections. You can always rearrange the order or skip data points that aren't ready when you're doing an inspection, or collect information that isn't usually available by selecting the "Other" page on HouseRater Mobile.

SV1 (Framing)

The Framing form is the earliest stage of a house, and it's before walls or insulation are installed. We call the SV1 a Framing visit, because the house frame and subfloor is generally the only thing finalized.

At SV1, you can collect evaluated items for energy consulting advice, and perform duct planning tests to help coordinate energy efficiency with builder clients. You'll see these tiles throughout the mobile app when you do an SV1 inspection, and on the PDF report generated from HouseRater after the SV1 is complete.

SV2 (Insulation)

This inspection form can be trickier to time with your builders, but it's an important step in collecting the necessary information on the house's energy efficiency. SV2 occurs after insulation is installed from the insulation contractor, but before the drywall is nailed up.

The SV2 report also includes evaluated items for energy consulting advice, and you'll see tiles for collecting insulation data points related to walls, rim bands and other insulated parts of the house.

SV3 (Final)

The Final inspection form, or SV3, is the most completed phase of the house—drywall is hung, and it's no longer possible to collect insulation or framing data points, so the SV3 form on our mobile app moves these tiles to the Other page (available from the page switcher screen). This inspection is where we look at appliances and mechanical equipment that may not have been present when earlier inspections occurred.

The PDF report for SV3 forms cannot be generated until energy modeling results from REM/Rate are added to HouseRater, so there will be a small gap in time between field staff collecting SV3 data points, and the web app allowing the report to be generated.

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