Using Evaluated Items on Site Visit Forms

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Add a New Evaluated Item

To add a new evaluated item, click the blue  ➕ button. This will expand out to a form that ask for the following fields:

  • Select Pictured Item - a Pictured Item: a note worthy item in the property that's being evaluated (i.e., Air leakage to attic, Kick out flashing). 

  • Severity  - describes whether this is a good or a bad evaluation; comes from the selected pictured item and defaults to "Bad Evaluation".

  • Evaluation - a sentence or two describing the reasoning behind the selected severity; comes from the selected pictured item.

  • Select Location - the Location of the item that's being evaluated. 

  • Hide from Reports  - if checked, this item will not show up in generated reports.

  • CHOOSE EXISTING FILES  - pressing this button pops up a modal that lets you add images to the evaluated time. If there are no images available for selection, close the modal, click the "UPLOAD FILES" button and you'll be able to upload images to the inspection that you can then add to the evaluated item. 

Remove an Evaluated Item

Click the  ✖️ button next to the  ➕ button for that specific evaluated item and save the the site inspection form.

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