Exporting House & Rating Data

Exporting your Site Visit and House Data

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HouseRater exporting allows you to get all the data you have collected about houses in a customizable csv file 🎉.

To export data from HRT, navigate to the "Data Export" tab under "Exports" on the sidenav. The Data Exports page allows you specify some query params to narrow down the houses you want to export, and the format you to receive that export in. 

Choosing an Export Template

Before specifying the query parameters of your export, it is a good idea to select what data you want to get back from the export. We have created a small set of "Existing Templates" that you can start from, and allow you to create or modify them so you can get exactly the data that you want! To select an existing template, click the "Select Existing Template" dropdown, and choose one of the options. Once you have chosen an existing template, you can view and modify what columns will be included in the export by clicking "Show X Columns".

Custom Export Templates

If you find yourself wanting an export template that we haven't provided to you, you can create them and save them for consistent use by navigating to the "Data Export Templates" tab under the Exports section of the sidenav. 

To add a new export template, click "Create New" to open the creation dialog. Give your new export template a name, and either select a base export template to start from or start from scratch. You can select any number of our many column headers to get data about your houses into the export (Note: The order of the columns will be the same order as they appear in the exported csv file) 

After creating a new export template, the template will be available as an option when you are exporting data!

Export Parameters

After selecting your export template, the next step is to select the query parameters that will impact what houses are included in your export.

 The most complex query option you will see is the Program dropdown. Selecting a program to query by has two implications. Firstly, it limits the export to include houses that are a part of that program. Secondly, it allows you to query by when a program entered in to a specific state on a house. If you select a program, the start and end dates will determine the date range in which a status on the program must have been set on house for that house to be included. For each status that you select, you will be given a csv file that contains all house that have a program that has the given status set between the two dates. If you wanted to ask for "All the houses that are in my 'External Program' that were completed between 1/1/2017 & 1/1/2018" your query would look like this: 

(Note: You can select multiple statuses for multiple csv files that contain the same query for different statuses)

You can also specify which rating company's (if you have access to more than one) that you would like the houses of, and which builder's houses you would like to be included.

Enjoy the data gathering friends 🤓

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