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We make changes to HouseRater every day and release those changes to our users every four weeks or so. This changelog shows the updates from each release. The changes are automatic on the web app, but you should always update to the latest version of the HouseRater Mobile app on your iPad to ensure compatibility between the HouseRater servers and your device.

HouseRater Changelog

New changes will be added to the top of the list for the current month.

September 2023 (9/16/2023):

New Features:

  • PV section added to home feature summary section of code compliance and ERI reports

  • Added inspection ID export headers

  • Updated report sent date logic

  • Increased size of view photo modal model/serial number input fields

  • Scheduling dashboard made visible for all users (restricted visibility for users without scheduling or higher permissions)

  • Web modeling view: moved skylights to envelope, dehumidifiers to mechanicals, and HVAC grading to tests

  • Added inspection title to inspection move comment

  • Warn project results will clear on address change

  • Made view all results visible when there isn't a current result

  • House cloning available on locked houses

  • Added program completion requirement validation

  • Defaulting fan power and flow rate

Bug Fixes:

  • Takeoff analysis fix for different analysis versions

  • Exports: Analysis related headers use specific result types instead of latest

  • Prevent houses from being in more than one sample set

  • Updated REM XML import default heat pump type to air source heat pump

  • Updated code compliance rated home heat pump cooling capacity logic

  • Disallow a project being added to more than one sample set

  • Removed heat pump modeled location field

  • Updated 2021 IECC reference home lighting

  • Displaying duct system number in duct test duct system selection dropdown when duct system doesn't have a name

  • Updated slab on grade validation logic

  • Fixed CO2 index not displaying or populating on reports

  • Fixed scheduling dashboard copy feature

  • Use selected result type for Fuel Summary (MBtu) report instead of most recently generated results

  • Updated Fuel Summary (MBtu) report to round MBtu values to two decimals instead of integer

  • Fixed fuel summary report double counting mechanical ventilation usage

  • Fixed integrated checklist reports to include notes

  • Updated code compliance inspection checklist report to not include HouseRater checklist statuses

  • Updated code compliance certificates to show unfilled inspector fields

  • Showing "N/A" instead of "Unknown" in projects' results panels for unused fuel types

  • Fixed bug causing all code compliance reference home slabs to be considered radiant

  • HPXML export/import bug fixes

  • Fixed BSI QA review headers to populate one column for each house per review type/header

  • Fixed code compliance report home feature summary to display nominal + continuous R-values in home feature summary section when complex assemblies are used

  • Updated result-based export headers to be based off different source types

August 2023 (8/21/2023):

New Features:

  • Updated to OpenStudio-ERI v1.6.2 (SIP wall type fix; ENERGY STAR target bug with single family analysis version and adiabatic ceiling)

  • Scheduling feature update - multi-edit, filters, new editable fields

  • Update to View All Results page

  • EnergyPlus analysis animation

  • Display ERI w/ PV or ERI w/o PV (whichever isn't the default depending on result type) in UI and on Reports

Bug Fixes:

  • Code compliance reference home ceiling/attic/roof modification function update

  • Code compliance reference home ambient wall/window modification function update

  • Code compliance reference home PV system modification function update

  • Code compliance reference home ventilation modification update for ERV/HRV in as proposed

  • Removed unconditioned attic types from ceiling interior condition

  • ERI w/o PV not populating on ERI stickers

  • Added analysis version to report names in Generated Reports section UI

  • Boiler OpenStudio analysis bugs (hydronic distribution, radiant floor)

  • Added ZERH version to ZERH certificate

  • Fuel Summary Report - round % saved to 1 decimal

  • Completion certificates - round nominal R-values to 1 decimal

  • Mobile: Cooling system model and serial # fields too small

July 2023 (7/24/2023)

New Features:

  • Updated to OpenStudio v3.6.1 and OpenStudio-ERI v1.6.0

  • Added result types to Fuel Summary, Fuel Summary MBtu, and Emissions Reports

  • Added "Compressor Type" field to air conditioners and added OpenStudio defaults if not entered

  • Updated subcontractor verification company relationship and permissions

  • Added DOE Zero Energy Ready Homes v2 beta analysis to ZERH version selection

  • Added inputs for HVAC Grading grades on takeoff to allow projected results based on a given grade without entering all the inputs required to calculate the desired grade

  • Added export header for integrated checklists

  • Added a validation for window/assigned wall orientation agreement

  • Hid heat pump backup fields behind "Has Backup System" checkbox

Bug Fixes:

  • Exposed 2021 IECC climate zone field for ENERGY STAR MFNC v1.2

  • Setting modeled baseline from IECC code when IECC code set by community

June 2023 (6/21/2023)

New Features:

  • Fuel Summary MBtu report (available in the modeling tab of the Generate Report modal)

  • Allow running and saving multiple versions of an analysis type on a single house (e.g., ENERGY STAR v3.1 and v3.2)

  • Saving analysis errors that can be viewed from "View Analysis Errors" button in the hamburger menu on takeoffs and inspections. Allows users to leave analysis modal after failure but still view any errors from a place they can be fixed.

Feature Updates:

  • Program review dashboard - sorting houses by relevant program date based on selected filters

  • Updated code compliance results section pass/fail UI. No longer displaying mandatory requirements as its own category. For failing pathways, there's a tool tip that will display any failing issues for that category

  • Added a validation for conditioned floor area to wall area ratio to prevent OpenStudio analysis error

Bug Fixes:

  • Reports showing database IDs for item names

  • Removed PV generation savings from Lights and Appliances category of ERI certificates and Fuel Summary reports

  • Added heat pump backup usage to heating usage on ERI certificates and Fuel Summary reports

  • Corrected ZERH version name in version dropdown and certificate from 1.0 to 1.8

  • Checklist reports no longer failing with a lot of pictures

  • Fixed file naming of ENERGY STAR Certificate to differentiate between certificate and sticker

  • HPXML import attic type and adjacency fix

  • Updated non-visible insulation exterior/interior adjacencies to display Ambient/Living Space at top of lists

  • Inspections no longer show as locked after reloading Ekotrope submission

  • Provider export - only pull companies with active provider contracts

Older Changes

We've been improving HouseRater for years, but we haven't always had a user-facing changelog.

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