We make changes to HouseRater every day, and outline the changelog by updating the month listed below. You should always update to the latest HouseRater Mobile app to ensure compatibility between the HouseRater servers and your device.

HouseRater Changelog

New changes will be added to the top of the list for the current month.

October 2018

  • We're listening! The mobile app is launching with a lot more stability and performance improvements

  • Custom data exports are now faster and easier to use, resulting in a single XLSX spreadsheet with formatting built-in

  • Validation messages now appear when you generate a report on houses where field staff made changes to important field data

September 2018

  • Searching houses in the mobile app has been redesigned to be clearer, so you'll know you have the right house selected

  • Improvements to the Test Results pages in HouseRater for clarity when complying to RESNET standards

  • Cantilevered Floors now include Against—which means Floor over Garage is now tracked as a normal Cantilevered Floor

  • You can now press and hold on data points to mark values as unknown, or check the checkbox next to fields in the web app

  • There's a new Download All Images button on Site Inspections for pulling the information back to your computer

August 2018

  • Added ability to collect Leakage Allowed and Conditioned Volume to blower door tests

  • You can now control mobile data usage and photo resolution in Settings

  • Added Advanced Search for finding houses with unique criteria and fancy syntax

  • Upgraded REM/Rate support for 15.7, including changes to CFL/LED Bulb counts

  • Added ability to generate ACH report (on SV3) using collected Blower Door data

July 2018

  • Added support for marking equipment and meters as "Not Installed", and taking photos of that

  • Improved UI on web and mobile to increase usability

  • Site Inspections will now unlock when the house unlocks

  • Searches on organization pages will cache when navigating between pages

  • Added more fields to export (Modeled conditioned floor area, R-Values and Grades of insulation)

June 2018

  • Improvements to under-the-hood security features to support added functionality for enterprise rating companies

  • Increased duplicate house address checking accuracy when adding a house

  • Added more support diagnostic data when pressing Send to Support on iPad

May 2018

  • Added fireplace data point tracking to SV1 and SV2 inspection forms.

  • Populate available Site Inspection data on new MNEEC forms 

  • Improved mobile app synchronization logic to use best-effort when synching data points that become corrupt

  • Changes to ICF export appliances and serial numbers for houses participating in specific programs

  • Improvements to billing pages for companies trying HouseRater for free

April 2018

  • PDF consulting reports now validate that all images are uploaded before generating the report

  • Improved mobile press-and-hold on SV tile for new Send to Support and Generate PDF Report options

  • Better handling for address lot/block when searching for houses in the mobile app

  • Added validation to mobile app for Dryer data point and Bedroom count

  • Improved handling when removing images or equipment from an SV3 in the mobile app

  • Improved internal app synchronization logic, background synching and automated crash reporting functionality

March 2018

  • Introduced Program Workflows and new status progressions & options for internal and external programs

  • Refactored REM/Rate Database for increased efficiency and speed improvements. Note: All users will have to setup their Database connections again by following the directions in the Setting Up REM/Rate Database Sync article

  • Added tracking for Location on Non-Visible Insulation to the web and mobile apps

  • Improved Dealer/Manufacturer usability with new Suppliers page, which can now be managed within a rating company

  • Added ability to remove selected values from drop down lists on the site visit page

  • Moved fireplace data to be stored by the other equipments on SV3s

  • Added tracking for In-Floor Heating Systems to the web and mobile apps

  • Fixed report generation and export handling when multiple site visits of the same type are on a house

February 2018

  • Added Recent Changes window on HouseRater Mobile after app updates are detected

  • Updated built-in Month End export template to include clothes dryer information

  • Fixed MNEEC data pre-population from multiple Site Visits only selecting information from the most recent visit

  • Improved speed and notices when provisioning and synching data from the REM/Rate SQL Server

  • Fixed font appearance issues in some generated reports

  • Added manual entry points for collecting blower door test result data (in addition to PDF report storage)

  • Added House Group and Sample Set data points as optional CSV Export columns

  • Added Bar Code scanning for meter, appliance and mechanical data on HouseRater Mobile

  • Fixed ICF Export when multiple SVs include appliance data

  • Fixed Program Submission Warnings when missing an SV3

  • Fixed Add Plan Type button disabled when creating new plans

  • Fixed Mobile app insulation grades contributing to overall grade

  • Fixed Builder Contract issues when managing Report Recipients

Older Changes

We recently published this changelog document, and will be publishing updates here from now on. Before this article, we shared changes using the in-app chat and emails, which wasn't a reliable way to distribute information.

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