What is a Location?

HouseRater uses Location for various inspection data points

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Are you reading this thinking to yourself "What IS a location?". Well, you have come to the right.... location ๐Ÿ˜€
Under the Locations section under the Organizations tab in the sidenav you will find the list of Locations for your rating company. If you are a new rating company there should be a few default locations that we created to get your company started out!ย 

Locations are used in a few different places on site inspections to track where a specific data point exists in the house (i.e. evaluated items, non visible insulation, attics, and vaults). You can customize your locations however you like to make the data your raters collect exactly how you want it!ย 

Adding New Locations

To start adding a new location, click "Create New". In the dialog the opens, give your location a new name by filing out the "Location" text field. Click create, and you are done. The location you made will now be selectable in any of the location dropdowns on your future site inspections!ย 

Edit Locations

If you want to edit an existing Location, click on it in the list of Locations (if it isn't visible you can search for it by typing in the search box at the top of the page). In the dialog that opens you can edit the location name, and click save to have it save your changes.ย 

Deactivate Locations

If you want to delete the location entirely you can open the dialog again, and press deactivate. This will make it disappear from any list going forward, but it will still be present where it had been used in the past. If you want to see your deactivated locations, check the box under the search box that says "Show Deactivated". All of the locations that you have deactivated will show in the list of locations, denoted by being more gray than the other locations. ย 

Happy Ratings ๐Ÿฅ‚

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