Housing Communities & Community Defaults

Communities allow you to define default values on a house.

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Communities are helpful when you are rating multiple houses all built in a housing community by a single builder.

Creating a Community

Navigate to Organizations -> Communities and press Create New

You must set a name for the community, and a Builder. When creating a house, you will be able to select the community from the list of communities created with that builder.
You can then set the Plan Type, Gas Utility, Electric Utility, Main Job Supervisor, and Report Recipients. These fields will then be automatically copied over onto the house when that community is set on the house.

Main Job Supervisor and Report Recipients

The list of Main Job Supervisors is populated from the report recipients on the Builder Contract. It filters down to only show the Report Recipients with the Job Supervisor job type.
The list of Report Recipient will be all the report recipients on the Builder Contract. The report recipients you select here on the community will then be automatically defaulted when Sending a Report

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