Customizing Pictured Items for Evaluations

Pictured Items are templates for Evaluated Items during Site Inspections

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Picture this, you're out doing a rating and you notice a missing insulation dam. You can use pictured items to describe the issue in question. Pictured items are note worthy items about the property being evaluated. They can be used to point out exceptional construction/building practices or things that could use additional improvements.

Adding a New Pictured Item ➕

To start adding a new pictured item, click the "Create New" button. A dialog will open with the following form fields:

  • Rating Company  -  the name of the rating company the pictured item will be added to. This will automatically populated to your rating company, but can bet change of any other rating company you have access to, i.e, a sub rating company.

  • Item Name  - the name of the new pictured item being created.

  • Good Evaluation  - a  sentence or two describing the exceptional status exhibited in the item.

  • Bad Evaluation - a sentence or two describing what's flawed about the item.

  • Include this Item on generated reports - if checked, this item will show up in generated reports for site inspections containing it ( unless the evaluated item of the site inspection specifies to to hide it from reports )

  • Deactive  -  if checked, this item will not  show up in the list of pictured items unless, the "Show Deactivated" checkbox is check.

Editing a Pictured Item 🖊️

If the item is not immediately visible in the first page of results, you can search for it by typing its name in the search box at the top of the page.
If there's an item you're expecting to show in the search results, but doesn't, double check the "Show Deactivated" is checkbox (just incase it's deactivated)
Click on the desired item in the list of pictured item. The item will open in a dialog with the same form fields the described above ("Add a New Pictured Item"). After making desired updates, click the "Save" button. 

Deactivated Pictured Items

Click on the desired item in the list of pictured item . The item will open in a dialog, check "deactivate" and press the "Save" button. This will make it disappear from any list going forward, but it will still be present where it had been used in the past.
To view deactivated items, check the box under the search box that says "Show Deactivated". Deactivated items will show up in the list of items with a lighter gray color compared to a non-deactivated item.  

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