What Utilities Do I Need?

Your company works in multiple regions, with multiple utility companies

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HouseRater gives you all the utilities necessary to manage and track Utility companies on your houses. Utility companies are directly tied to Programs in HRT, so if you are new to our 🌎, I would recommend reading this article to get up to speed 🏎.

Viewing Utilities

To see all utilities your company has access to, navigate to the "Utilities" tab under the Organizations section of the sidenav. There you will see all current available utilities, and whether they provide gas, electric, or both.Β 

(Note: You will only be able to see Utilities that participate in programs that you participate in, and you will only be able to edit Utilities that participate in only Programs that are Internal to your company. )
To see more info about them you can click on one, and see a dialog that shows what programs they participate in, and what their logo is.Β 

Create/Edit/Deactivate Utilities

To create a new utility click "Create New". Give the utility a name, and specify what it provides. The programs you set on the Utility will determine what houses you can put that utility on. Only homes that are participating in a program that the utility also participates in will be able to be used, so make sure you know which programs you want to connect to your utilities to take full use of the feature. Uploading a logo will ensure that reports on houses that have the utility render nicely πŸ‘. To edit a Utility, click on the Utility, change what you need, and click save. To deactivate a utility, click on the Utility and press deactivate. Deactivating a Utility will make it unavailable to add to new houses, but will still be visible on houses that had it prior to its deactivation. If you want o view deactivated utilities and reactivate them, click the "Show Deactivated" checkbox under the search bar, and all deactivated utilities will be visible, and slightly grayed out.

Good luck utilizing Utilities πŸ₯πŸ™Œ

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