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Perform an Ekotrope Analysis
Perform an Ekotrope Analysis
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If your company has not connected to Ekotrope yet, follow this tutorial:

To perform an Ekotrope Analysis of a house in HRT you must first connect the house to a project in Ekotrope using an Ekotrope project ID. You can find the project id of a project in Ekotrope by navigating to the project, and copying the id that is available in the URl (Ex. "" === Avj6MDkv). Once you have the id, you can put it on a house in houserater by navigating to the house, and pasting it into the "Ekotrope Project ID" field under the Overview section of the house. After setting the project id make sure to save the house.

After connecting the house to a project in Ekotrope, you can run an analysis anytime by clicking the dropdown by the "Results" section on the house, and pressing "Perform Ekotrope Analysis". This action will connect to Ekotrope, perform an analysis of the master design, and sync the results back to HRT. If there are any validation issues with those actions HRT will alert you, and either block you from continuing, or allow you to skip past them.

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