Upgrading REM/Rate Desktop

Setup guide for SQL Sync in the latest REM/Rate Desktop

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HouseRater makes it easy to set up and manage a REM/Rate SQL Database for sharing data between the rating software and the HouseRater Web app. Upgrading to new REM/Rate versions does have a few steps to keep the sync rolling.

HouseRater is compatible up to: v15.7.1

Note: You won't be able to sync from a REM/Rate version newer than the one listed above. We work with NORESCO to stay up-to-date on database changes, but it can take a few days when new releases come out.

REM/Rate Database Setup

Once you upgrade the database on your computer, you don't need to redo the server setup in Windows Control Panel from our initial configuration. If you're setting up REM/Rate Database Sync for the first time, check out our Setting Up REM/Rate Database Sync guide.

You will, however, need to get a new User ID and Password for the REM/Rate UI. You'll do this from the HouseRater Web app, and it will deactivate your old login in favor of this one.

  1. Open your Profile page from the dropdown in the top right corner of HouseRater, or by selecting a user from the Users list.

  2. Select "Setup REM/Rate Sync" link from the additional options near the "Save" button on this page.

Once you have this User ID and Password, follow the REM/Rate setup steps to get upgraded.

  1. Launch the updated REM/Rate app.

  2. Select "Tools" > "Export" > "Setup Export Database..."

  3. Choose the "SQL Server" option, and select the Name you entered for the Data Source added earlier.

  4. Click "Select..." and enter the same User ID and Password from the HouseRater Web app

  5. Click "OK" to confirm the connection, and "OK" again to finish adding the Export Database.

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